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League Objective
Offering young footballers throughout Taipei the opportunity to play regular, competitive football in order to develop both their talent and build friendships.

Playing Rules:

1. Age categories:

  1. U6 boys & girls born on or after 01-Sep-2012
  2. U8 boys born on or after 01-Sep-2010 & girls on/after 01-Sep-2009
  3. U10 boys born on or after 01-Sep-2008 & girls on/after 01-Sep-2007
  4. U12 boys born on or after 01-Sep-2006 & girls on/after 01-Sep-2005

2. Game Size

  1. U6 5v5, including goalkeeper (maximum registration of 10 players), minimum of 4 players required to start the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit (see section 15 below)
  2. U8, U10, U12 7v7, including goalkeeper (maximum registration of 14 players), minimum of 5 players required to start the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit (see section 16 below)

3. Game Duration & Location (location subject to change with reasonable notice):

4. League Fixtures, Tables and Re-Scheduling

  1. League fixtures will be circulated approximately 3 weeks prior to season commencement.
  2. Any team that wishes to re-schedule a match MUST do so by providing a minimum 2 week’s advance notice. The organisers will do its best to accommodate the request. This may result in teams playing 2 or more games on a single Sunday. The organisers ask to limit such requests to no more than two games during the season.
  3. Fixtures, results and league tables can be accessed at Results and tables will be updated immediately after the game but at latest within 24 hours of game day

FIFA Laws of the Game apply, other than the following exceptions;
5. Offside Rule;
No offside rule applies.
6. Substitutions can be made at any time during the play and at half time with the referee’s permission. Player off before player on applies. A player previously substituted can return to the game only as a further substitution.

7. U6 & U8 ONLY – On goal-kicks the opposing team players must all retreat behind the halfway line.

8. Kick-Off, Corners, Free Kicks and goal kicks: opponents must be a minimum 5 yards away.

9. Mercy Rule; the Victory League is an environment for children to develop through playing the game. Where playing levels will be mixed it’s important to challenge the stronger teams whilst not discouraging less experienced players and teams from continuing their football journey. With this in mind a ‘Mercy Rule’ shall be applied as follows;

U6 – No Mercy Rule applies.
Please note this league is very much focused on player development therefore the referees will be more lenient and may, at their discretion, offer second opportunities on ares such as goal kicks, throw-ins etc. 

U8, U10, U12 & U14 - where goals scored less goals conceded is 3 or greater:
Each player when in possession of the ball, on the team that is winning, must move the ball on within a maximum of 3 touches. Failure to do so will result in an indirect free-kick to the opposition at the position of the 4th touch (if the incident occurs in their own goal area the free kick shall be taken from the edge of the area).

10. All teams must be ready 5 minutes before the appointed time and field of each match; otherwise they may be liable to forfeit the match.

11. Each player must be assigned and registered with the same jersey number for the duration of the season. Duplicate jersey numbers in the same squad will not be accepted.

12. In the event of a colour clash, the organiser shall provide different colours bibs (pinnies).

13. A player who is sent off during a game will be disqualified from the next league match.

14. Players can be registered for two seperate teams in the same age group where the two teams are in different divisions (i.e Premier League and Championship), with the proviso of;
a) U8 Category - players are born on or after 01-Sep-2011 for boys, 01-Sep-2010 for girls
b) U10 Category - players are born on or after 01-Sep-2009 for boys, 01-Sep-2008 for girls
c) U6 & U12 Categories - not permitted.

Players in their appropriate age category can also play for one team the age category directly above.

15. League Positions will be determined through accumulated points.
Win = 3 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points
In the result of two or more teams accumulating the same amount of points the deciding factor shall be on highest goal difference (goals scored less goals conceded). If still level then the highest amount of goals scored shall determine.

16. Forfeit of Games;

  1. If a team is unable to play a scheduled game and does not provide the organisers with at least two weeks’ notice the match and the points will be forfeited.
  2. 3 points and 3 goals will be awarded to the opposing team
  3. Where such a team cancels last minute the organisers will make its best efforts to ensure that the team affected by the late cancellation gets to play a friendly game against one of the other teams.
  4. If a team fails to show up for 2 games in a season, including last minute cancellations, then they will be withdrawn from the TES Victory League.

17. Team Trophies & Medals;
Team winners in each age category shall receive the Championship Trophy plus medals for every player for the teams who finished 1st (gold), 2nd (silver), and 3rd (bronze). Medals shall be awarded to all other participants in the U6 category only. No other medals shall be awarded.

18. Individual Awards;
The following individual awards shall be rewarded to each age category at the end of the season…

  1. Season Golden Boot – the player who scores the most goals during the course of the season.
  2. Season Golden Glove – the goalkeeper who receives the most nominations between the referees and organising committee.
  3. Season Most Valuable Player (MVP) – the player who receives the most nominations between the referees and organising committee.  

19. Complaints are to be made to the Organising Committee, whose decision will be final. The Committee will not accept any complaints relating to referee’s decisions.

20. The Committee regrets they cannot accept liability for Players or Spectators injuries, or loss or damage to property. The committee strongly recommends that parents enrolling their child to participate in the League should take out appropriate insurance protection.

21. The League Parent Code of Conduct
We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior in the game.  Behavior is an increasing concern in the game. This includes both the abuse of match officials and the unacceptable behavior by over competitive parents, spectators and coaches on the side-lines.

By signing your child into the TES Victory League 2018/19 Season you agree to play your part and observe The League Code of Conduct;


第五屆台北歐洲學校勝利聯盟賽 - 2018/19



1. 年齡組別:
a. U6    出生於2012年9月1日的男孩及女孩
b. U8    出生於2010年9月1日的男孩及2009年9月1日的女孩
c. U10出生於2008年9月1日的男孩及2007年9月1日的女孩
d. U12出生於2006年9月1日的男孩及2005年9月1日的女孩

2. 比賽規模
a. U6, 5v5, 包含守門員 (球員報名上限為10位),若少於4位球員該隊將棄權比賽。
b. U8/U10/U12/U14 - 7v7, 包含守門員(球員報名上限為14位), 若少於5位參賽球員該隊將棄權比賽。(請參考參賽規則第十六條)

3. 比賽時間與地點 (若比賽地點須更改地點將提前公佈):
a. U6, U8, U10 & U12 = 20分鐘x2

4. 聯盟比賽時間、賽程表及延賽規定

a. 聯盟賽程會於賽季正式開始大約三週前公佈
b. 任何希望延賽的隊伍必須於最少兩週之前提出。我們會盡我們全力的讓賽程符合隊伍所提出來的時間。這可能導致有球隊要在一個周日打兩場比賽。我們限制每隊在一季中僅有提出兩次延賽的機會。
c. 賽程、比賽結果及賽程表都可於 網站上取得。比賽結果及賽程表會在比賽日的24小時內更新完畢

FIFA Laws of the Game apply, other than the following exceptions;
5. 越位:
6. 可以於比賽中的任何時間及半場休息時間在裁判的准許下更換球員。球員下場會先於新的球員頂替。被更換的球員僅能以在上場更換球員的身分上場。

7. (僅U6 & U8適用) 在球門球時,防守球隊的所有球員必須退後是半場線後方。

8. 開球、角球、自由球及射門:對手必須距離自己最少五碼以上。

9. 慈悲規則:勝利聯盟賽希望小朋友可以利用參與聯盟的比賽而有好的身心發展。而因為比賽時不同等級的球員將會混合比賽,大會為了讓較強的隊伍有挑戰性並讓較沒有比賽經驗的隊伍不要灰心喪志而特立了以下的慈悲規則:

U6 – 慈悲規則不適用於此年齡組別
此聯賽將專注於球員發展。因此,裁判在球場上隊於此年齡組別將不會過於嚴苛並有可能於適當時給予球員們二次的機會; 如: 射門,擲球,等…

慈悲規則適用於所有年齡組別 (U8, U10, U12 & U14): 當球員帶球第三次碰球時須傳出來。若碰球三次但未將球傳給其他球員將則以間接任意球作為罰球。若球員是在自己的區域內犯規,則從該地區的邊緣採取間接任意球。

10. 所有隊伍必須在規定的比賽時間前五分鐘於參賽場地集合;若違反者將必須棄權。

11. 參賽球員的球衣上必須要有背號,並提前與大會註冊。參賽期間背號不得更換。同一球隊內不可有重複的背號。

12. 若是出賽的兩隊球衣上有顏色的衝突,大會將會提供不同顏色的背心。

13. 被驅逐出場的球員將會在下一場比賽中失去上場資格。

14. 在同年齡組別中,每一隊最多可有一位球員報名於兩個跨於不同階級的球隊組(超級聯賽跟冠軍聯賽)。球員也可往上報比他們大一個年齡組的比賽。

15. 聯盟排名將由比賽積分決定

16. 棄權
a) 若一支球隊無法參與比賽並且沒有於最少兩周之前知會大會,則該場比賽將視為棄權。
b) 當場比賽的比數將會是3比0。
c) 若因為一隊在最後一刻才取消比賽而導致比賽無法進行,大會會盡全力擔保未比到賽的對手球隊能與另一隊進行一場友誼賽。
d) 若一支球隊於球季中超過兩場比賽未出場(包含到最後一刻才取消比賽),該支球隊將會由台北歐洲學校勝利聯盟賽中除名。

17. 團隊獎盃及獎牌
於每一個階級獲得冠軍寶座的球隊均會頒發將盃一座; 同時獲得冠軍(金牌),季軍 (銀牌) & 亞軍 (銅牌) 的球員們也會頒發將排一枚。U6 組別內的球員們無論名次均會收到獎牌一枚作為獎勵。其餘沒有進入前三名的球隊將不會額外頒發獎牌。

18. 個人特別獎項:

a. 球季金靴獎 –在球季中射門進球數最多的球員
b. 球季金手套獎 – 在球季中取得最多裁判及大會提名的守門員
c. 球季最有價值球員 – 在球季中取得最多裁判及大會提名及推薦的球員

19. 有任何建議皆可向大會提出,而大會將會做出最終決定。大會不會接受任何關於裁判判決的抗議。



20. 大會對於球員及觀眾的受傷、損失貴重財物等並不附相關責任。大會強烈建議家長在替小朋友報名時同時能申請相關的保險。

21. 聯盟家長規範